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    P Money Supporting Katy B Live ‘On A Mission Tour’

    We travelled around the whole country, different city nearly everyday. Bet you’d never guess that I drove
    with Sketch to EVERY one of them. YES that includes Scotland and Wales. CRAZY init but once you’ve watched the footage you’ll see exactly why you guys are worth the time. BIG shouts to Cameraman Sketch for making this footage your about to watch possible

    Special thanks to Katy B for having me on her tour, it’s been an amazing experience.
    Thank you to all that came to see me and Katy B, thank you to those that didn’t know me before but have now joined my journey.

    I hope you liked what you saw an are eagerly excited to see what’s next. I’m now deep into my album mode but will still be hitting you with those BAAAAANNNGGEEEERRRSSSS!!!

    Respect RAT TAT TAT TA!!

    “P Grimey Originator”

    It’s been one hell of a year for myself. Just when you think I’m going quiet just doing shows or recording, I find the time to come back with something barking mad. Once again I teamed up with Cameraman Sketch to film this video for ‘Originator’ which can be found on the IBeatTheTune mixtape. The hard hitting beat ‘Fabrication’ was produced by Emalkay and can be purchased on iTunes!!!!

    Turn this up LOOUUUDDD!!!

    MAAAAAD INIT!!! now watch this an see part of it in action live in Derby Syn club.

    Woaaaaah hype…Don’t go no where as me an Sketch still have more goods to deliver for your eyes,
    as you may know I was supporting Katy B on her “On A Mission Tour” an we filmed near enough the whole thing!! grab your pop corn an all that jazz as it will be going up at 10 o’clock TONIGHT!!!!


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    Cameraman Sketch

    P Money & Plastician = Any rave shut down.

    Wow after the last two posts you must be thinking “this guy never stops man”….AND THAT IS SO TRUE!
    Back again this time I was in Manchester with Plastician & Cameraman Sketch. Hit & Run re-launched their event at ‘Ritz’ an invited us to tear it down with them. This is live footage an evidence of the scene we left behind us when we drove back down the country

    For more videos check out www.cameramansketch.com

    I am currently in Australia of course I will be uploading pictures an footage of that too :D
    see you in October for the Katy B tour ;D



    It’s been a while i know those that were there have been patiently waiting for this. Cameraman Sketch joined me in both Ayia Napa & Magaluf to film these two epic sets, Ayia Napa Club Ice with Cameo & Magaluf Boomerang Club with True Tiger & Agent X. Watch and enjoy. For those that were there look out for your self in this madness!!!! RAT TAT TAT TA!!!

    Next year??? Let me know @kingpmoney or Facebook ‘PMoney Official page’

    Busy busy and……..BUSY!

    Wooow feels like a long time since I’ve been on here. Forgive me I have been doing a lot apart from sitting on a beach in the caribbean for a week, I have been recording for my album and another mixtape an d doing a miiilllliiiooonnnn shows, freestyles & radio. Let me update you to what’s been going on for those that haven’t been able to keep track of me and party hard at the festivals with me.

    Firstly let me proudly say I have over a MILLION views on this thanks to each an everyone of you!!!

    Here’s me performing it live with Magnetic Man @ the Rock Werchter Festival (Belgium)

    I also popped into Radio 1Xtra with Mista Jam who gave me the chance to deliver one of my favourites if not best freestyles of this year!!! check it out

    I have now been nominated for best MC and best Host on the Dubstep forum awards. Feel free to vote me here :D www.dubstepmusicawards.co.uk

    I’ve been travelling around the world spreading the music you love to see me do, a few places to mention, Ibiza with Magnetic Man(Space club), Ayia Napa with Cameo (Club Ice), Isle of Wight (Bestival), Magaluf with Mista Jam & True Tiger (Boomerang & BCM) and back in London with Plastician (LoveBox festival). I can’t wait for next week as I will be joining Katy B and Example and Magnetic Man on a tour in Australia. I wonder if it will top the best festival i have been at so far which is OUTLOOK!!!!!!! 2011 in croatia WOW! Here are some pictures and footage people filmed from the crowd of the mayhem out there

    Logan Sama dropping Left The Room & Sweetshop (Bad cameraman but just listen lol)

    True Tiger, Me & Blacks – Slang like this in Outlook!!

    Me Spraying Over ‘Crack your knuckles’ with Plastician (Psy:am) OUTLOOK!!!

    Wait for the proper footage :D

    While I was out there I linked up with my mate Tan from the DTA gang an filmed another exclusive freestyle on my balcony, check it out here. P.s the beat is going to have a vocal very soon ;D

    I also filmed a secret music video which will be out early October watch out for it make sure you buy the Blacks & P mixtape, Anthemic, Spring vocal ft myself & Merky Ace all from iTunes right now!!
    You can purchase your tickets to watch me perform live on Katy B’s tour in October from www.livenation.co.uk click the ‘SHOWS’ button now.

    Here’s some stuff from my brothers I’d like you to also check out. Please watch an enjoy or else RAT TAT TAT TA! ahaha

    Little Dee :D

    Thank you see you soon!